MarbleUs I BossTowel

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BossTowel?! Yep. BossTowel. This dope cloth towel is the made with super-soft pure cotton and plush microfiber materials. It's perfectly absorbent & lightweight with a #boss lush feel.

What's the big deal? This towel is not your average drying cloth. It will absorbs water and moisture as a towel should but it is also the safest material for drying delicate tresses post-wash! Coily & curly-haired folk know that terrycloth snags textured tresses. This towel is ubersoft and even safe for that cowash-and-go routine, do yourself this favor-- from head to toe.

But wait, yep, there's more...

Fun fact: This is the best material for cleaning, de-smudging, and wiping all your [touchscreen] gadgets and glasses. Get one of these in the smaller size to keep on the go and you'll be shocked at how easily it removes fingerprints, smudges and dust from just about anything with a lense or screen. This microfiber material leaves even your tempered glass protectors super pristine with no scratches. This product is definitely a major #bossmove. Once you've tried it, fight the urge to throw away every other towel you own... Or don't 😎😉. Enjoy!

*Great on sensitive skin, delicate tresses, glasses and gadgets with screens.